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True Strength campaign

True Strength – Eigen Kracht in Dutch - is the campaign of the Anti-Doping Authority the Netherlands for the fitness industry and wants to inform athletes about the risks of using anabolic steroids and other prohibited substances. It also advocates clean sports and educates athletes about healthy and efficient ways to achieve their goals.

In the Netherlands, approximately 2 million people work out in fitness centers and thereby fitness has grown to be one of the most popular sporting activities.

People can have many reasons for wanting to exercise, but in addition to health, cosmetic reasons like being more muscular or leaner, are mentioned most often. These goals are perfectly compatible with working out for good health, but research shows that 1 in 8 fitness participants is interested in doping, precisely because of cosmetic reasons. Recent research data show, unfortunately, that 8.2% of the people who train in fitness centres used doping substances. The need for education therefore seems to be clear.

Components True Strength

The True Strength campaign consists of several interrelated components: